1. Event name, objectives and organizers

The 2nd Chinese-Portuguese Translation Contest for Higher Education Institutions in China organized by the University of Macau and the Beijing Foreign Studies University, aims to promote the exchange of Portuguese language teaching in China, encourage Portuguese students to participate in the practice of translation and discover qualified translators in both languages.

2. Prizes
  • The Contest will be divided into two categories: the Portuguese-Chinese translation category and the Chinese-Portuguese translation category.
  • There are 1st Prize (1 quota), 2nd Prize (2 quotas), 3rd Prize (2 quotas) and Honorable Mention (6 quotas) in each category. The Portuguese-Chinese and Chinese-Portuguese translation categories will have a total of 22 awardees. The prizes are as follows:
PrizeQuotaAmount (MOP)
1st Prize17,000
2nd Prize24,000
3rd Prize21,000
Honorable Mention6500
3. Eligibility
  • The applicants must be undergraduate or master’s students majoring in Portuguese from higher education institutions in Mainland China and Macau;
  • The number of participants in each category of each institution shall not exceed 3, and the total number of participants shall not exceed 6;
  • Each institution will recommend their participants to the Organizing Committee.
4. Contest format
  • There will be no preliminary and final round of the Contest;
  • The Contest will be divided into two categories: the Portuguese-Chinese translation category and the Chinese-Portuguese translation category. Each participant can only participate in one of the categories;
  • Each institution recommends its participants and submits the registration form as stipulated on the regulation;
  • Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Contest will be held online. The texts to be translated will be prepared by the Organizing Committee (the texts in Chinese will be within 900 words and Portuguese will be within 700 words), and must be translated from the source language. Participants are required to perform the translation on the computer, with the camera on, within the required timeline. It is prohibited to use the Internet and any other reference materials, except paper dictionaries. More detailed information will be announced later;
  • All translated texts will be submitted anonymously to the Jury. The Organizing Committee will review the translated texts and rank them based on the average score.
5. Jury

The Jury is chaired by Professor Yao Jingming from the University of Macau and Professor Ye Zhiliang from Beijing Foreign Studies University. The Jury consists of eight renowned experts in the field of Chinese-Portuguese translation (in alphabetical order by last name): Fan Xing (Beijing University), Jin Xinyi (Beijing University of Foreign Studies), Tiago NABAIS (Famous Portuguese Translator), Amilton REIS (Famous Brazilian Translator), Giorgio SINEDINO (Famous Brazilian Sinologist and Translator), Xu Yixing (Shanghai University of International Studies), Zhang Xiaofei (University of Macau), Zhang Jianbo (University of Macau).

6. Important dates
Submission of registration form21 October 2022
Exam29 October 2022
Announcement of results 7-13 December 2022
Awards presentation ceremonyTo be announced


7. Entry fees

Participants are not required to pay an entry fee to participate in the Contest.

8. Registration

The responsible teaching staff of each institution will collect the student’s information and submit an application before 21 October 2022.

9. Cancellation of application

Participants should strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the Contest and must not register will false information. The Organizing Committee may disqualify any participants from the Contest if he/she does not comply with the rules and regulations, and the Organizing Committee owns the right to interpret the situation.

10. Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Prof. Zhang Jianbo or Lu Chunhui from the Department of Portuguese at the University of Macau by email at


Any changes made to the above terms and conditions will be posted on the Organizer’s website at without any prior notice. The Organizer reserves the right of final interpretation and to amend the above-mentioned regulations. In case of any disputes, the Organizer reserves the right of final decision.