In order to stimulate the interest of university students in learning Portuguese and to develop their creative potential, the Chinese-Portuguese Bilingual Teaching and Training Centre of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Macau (UM) and the School of International Studies of the Communication University of China (CUC) jointly organised the Second Short Video Contest for Students from China’s Higher Education Institutions. The contest attracted the participation of many students from mainland China and Macao universities. Beijing Language and Culture University won the first prize, UM and CUC were both awarded second prizes, and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and two other universities received third prizes.

Under the theme ‘China in the eyes of the new generation’, the contest aimed to encourage students to take on the mission of international communication and tell the story of China. Participants were required to showcase the development of contemporary China through their perspectives by creating short videos in Portuguese. Based on the theme of the contest and their personal experiences, the participants adopted different videography techniques to capture the story of China from both macroscopic and microscopic viewpoints. The content of the videos encompassed diverse aspects, including the history of China, the process of China’s modernisation, as well as the representation of a museum or a street.

The judging panel of the contest was composed of Professor Yao Jingming and Senior Instructor Júlio Reis Jatobá in the Department of Portuguese of UM, Associate Professors Yan Qiaorong and Cong Fangjun in the School of International Studies of CUC, and Li Mei, director of China Global Television Network (CGTN). After a comprehensive evaluation by the judges, 11 outstanding works were selected and awarded 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes, and 5 merit awards. The first prize was awarded to Li Chengcheng, Zheng Lingxin, and Zhang Jingfan from the Beijing Language and Culture University. The second prizes went to Liu Haichuan, Lin Yanru and Ling Xiaohan from UM; and Sun Mingyue, Luo Siyi, and Wang Zikang from CUC, respectively. The third prizes were awarded to Weng Jiawen and Luo Yuxuan from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies; Cai Mingyu, Wang Jianye and Zhou Wei from Anhui Normal University; and Wu Bingcui, Cui Jiawen, and Long Anqin from Sichuan International Studies University, respectively. The merit awards went to Feng Sijia from Jilin International Studies University; Wu Jiarong and Wang Zi from Beijing International Studies University; Zhang Yukun, Dong Jiawen, and Shi Yanran from Sichuan International Studies University; Wang Xinyue from Macau University of Science and Technology; Zhu Xinyu, Huang Xinyao, and Weng Xuanlin from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, respectively.

The contest was sponsored by the Chinese-Portuguese Bilingual Teaching and Training Centre of UM’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Winning individuals or teams were presented certificates and cash prizes, with MOP 10,000 for the first prize, MOP 8,000 each for the second prizes, MOP 5,000 each for the third prizes, and MOP 2,000 each for the merit awards.

Since its establishment in 2017, the Chinese-Portuguese Bilingual Teaching and Training Centre has been committed to developing short-, medium-, and long-term cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, establishing links for teacher training, and conducting research in the field of Portuguese language teaching and Sino-Portuguese culture.

1st Prize

Li Chengcheng, Zheng Lingxin, Zhang Jingfan (Beijing Language and Culture University)

2nd Prize

Sun Mingyue, Luo Siyi, Wang Zikang  (Communication University of China)

Liu Haichuan, Lin Yanru, Ling Xiaohan (University of Macau)

3rd Prize

Weng Jiawen, Luo Yuxuan (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)

Cai Mingyu, Wang Jianye, Zhou Wei

(Anhui Normal University)

Wu Bingcui, Cui Jiawen, Long Anqin (Sichuan International Studies University)

Merit Prize

Feng Sijia (Jilin International Studies University)

Wu Jiarong, Wang Zi (Beijing International Studies University)

Zhang Yukun, Dong Jiawen, Shi Yanran (Sichuan International Studies University)

Wang Xinyue (Macao University of Science and Technology)

Zhu Xinyu, Huang Xinyao, Weng Xuanlin (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)