BREAK OUT: Recitation and Dialogue Season 2 (Hong Kong International Poetry Night (1)

” BREAK OUT: Recitation and Dialogue” is part of the Hong Kong International Poetry Night (IPNHK) series. It is hosted by the Hong Kong Poetry Festival Foundation and invites well-known poets, translators, scholars and musicians to participate in an online multilingual event. Its purpose is to contribute to the common response to the epidemic, and let poetry lead us to break out the siege.

Date & Time: 20/11/2021 (Sat) | 20:00

Guests: Ana Luísa Amaral (Portuguese Poet), Yao Feng (Poet and Translator)

Interpreter: Jin Xinyi (金心藝)

Program: Earth Odyssey

Language: Chinese and Portuguese

Platform: Online Activity

Organizer: Hong Kong Poetry Festival Foundation

Partners:  Ifeng; Faculty of Arts, CUHK; Transmedia; The Now; Librairie Avant/Garde; Zall Bookstore; The White Night Bar; A Space for Art and Creativity; Paper Times Booktore; OWSPACE; City Book Room; TEDxPetalingStreet;

Image credit: Endi Poskovix (USA), One (Ganzeberg in Split Purple Gray and Ochre, 2015, woodblock)


姚風 | 尋找葡萄牙

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