Speaker: José Pascoal
Date: 06/05/2024
Time: All-day
Venue: E34-1002

This series of workshops aim to prepare students majoring in Portuguese as a foreign language, to take the CAPLE-ULisboa exams and to enable them to familiarize with the content and structure of the exams.

José Pascoal is a writer of the CAPLE-ULisboa exam materials and a grader of the oral and written part of the exam; he is a trustee and expert member of the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE).

Dates and times:
06 May 2024 10h30-12h30 (1st workshop for A2-B1 levels)
06 May 2024 13h30-15h30 (2nd workshop for B2 level)
06 May 2024 16h00-18h00 (3rd workshop for C1-C2 levels)

The workshop will provide information on the linguistic, functional and notional content for these levels and advise candidates on how to prepare for the exam. If candidates want to have feedback on their oral and written performance of the exam, they can write a paragraph or two on one of the topics provided by the CAPLE-ULisboa on their website.

Candidates can also send in a 2-3 minute audio file on the following topic:

We are once again living in very complicated times. How can/should each of us act so that we can live as well as possible? Do we ignore what’s going on around us? Do we intervene? How?

Another option is to choose an image and talk about it. If you choose this option, please be reminded to upload the image onto the registration form.

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/UrWuHX7FMPZXhxQo6 (Registration deadline: 03/05/2024)

Audience: All are welcome
Language: Portuguese
Enquiries: Chinese Portuguese Bilingual Teaching and Training Centre
Tel.: 8822 4532
Email: BilingualCentre@um.edu.mo