Speaker: Giorgio Sinedino
Date: 30/11/2020 - 31/07/2021

Organizational units: University of Macau (UM)’s Department of Portuguese (DPORT) and the Chinese-Portuguese Bilingual Teaching and Training Centre (CPC), with the Department of Portuguese Language of the China Radio International (CRIpor)

Period: Continue to be updated (15 episodes)

Purpose and objective of the radio talk: The program, titled “Chinese Ideas”, will offer a systematic introduction to a group of major thinkers and works which shaped the Chinese intellectual tradition. It is aimed at the Portuguese-speaking general public and requires no previous knowledge of Chinese. The broadcasts are multidisciplinary in scope, providing the necessary background to put authors and ideas in their appropriate cultural context. Moreover, other than laying out a factual outline, the talks will also adopt a comparative outlook, with a view to engaging the audience with the ancient Chinese mindset and worldview.

Season 2: “Laozi” and the Dao de Jing

To listen to the radio program, please visit the following weblink:

Episode 1: http://portuguese.cri.cn/audioonline/silkroad/415/20201130/584920.html

Episode 2: http://portuguese.cri.cn/audioonline/silkroad/415/20201130/584924.html

Episode 3: http://portuguese.cri.cn/audioonline/silkroad/415/20201130/584944.html

Episode 4: http://portuguese.cri.cn/audioonline/silkroad/415/20201130/584945.html

Episode 5: http://portuguese.cri.cn/audioonline/silkroad/415/20201130/584957.html

Episode 6: http://portuguese.cri.cn/audioonline/silkroad/415/20210301/627385.html

Episode 7: http://portuguese.cri.cn/audioonline/silkroad/415/20210318/637019.html

Episode 8: http://portuguese.cri.cn/audioonline/silkroad/415/20210318/637031.html

Episode 9: http://portuguese.cri.cn/audioonline/silkroad/415/20210513/662383.html

Episode 10: http://portuguese.cri.cn/audioonline/silkroad/415/20210513/662394.html

Audience: All are welcome
Language: Portuguese
Enquiries: Chinese-Portuguese Bilingual Teaching and Training Centre
Tel.: 8822 4532
Email: BilingualCentre@um.edu.mo